Thoughts about sex

A domme and her sub

I was sitting at my desk, quietly working when a little chat window popped up. My favorite sub. He’d found a blog he wanted to tell me about. A bout a femme dom. Said she reminded him of me.

He saw the new display pic I’ve started using and was practically drooling. It’s a closeup shot of just my eyes. He said “Sexy eyes! Smoldering sexuality with a hint of been-there-done-that world weariness. I think if i were looking into those eyes, I’d have to do whatever you wanted.”
That’s when he told me he’d finally gotten his web cam hooked up. So that next time we chat he can perform for me. I told him to be ready. That I’d have a list of requests worked up.

He’s my favorite for a few reasons. He is excellent at oral. He loves to have a dildo buried in his ass. He has the quickest turn around time of any man I’ve ever met. He likes to eat cum. He likes to swap it. And even when I tell him I want his cock inside my cunt, on my back with my ankles resting on his shoulders, egging him on, telling him to fuck me harder, there’s never any doubt about who’s in charge. He gets how to submit to me and not look pathetic.

I’ve been mulling over what I’ll want to have him do for his first little cam show. So many delightful possibilities for my little sexy sub. Each one a reminder for him of why he keeps coming back to me. Each one a reminder for me why I find so much pleasure in Domming him.


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