Thoughts about sex

Who needs a rope to play?

I’m feeling aggressive tonight. Like slipping in to my boots. Using my new flogger. I love the smell of clean sweat on leather.

I was verbally sparring with someone earlier. A partner. All online so far. I was pushing his boundaries, seeing how far he would go. He said to me, “you actually think I would let you tie me up?” My response, “oh honey, I don’t need rope to have you tied up”.

And I don’t. He’s submitting to me without even realizing it. I love that. When the submissive thinks they have more control than they really do. Truthfully, the submissive wields a lot of  control when you think about it. They have the safeword. But most subs just give over to you. And the domming becomes about protecting. Nuturing that side of a person.

But sometimes I like one that is a little feisty. That tries to assert some power.  Because then the dominance becomes that much more pleasurable for me. More of a power trip. And sometimes, I’m a girl that very much likes a power trip.

So tonight. I’d like to take this particular person. And not tie him up. Not collar him. But still make him wait. Tease him. Make him beg. Make him know precisely who is in charge. Both of us knowing that all it will take is the crook of my little finger and he’ll come running. And that he will love every single minute of it.


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