Thoughts about sex

Banging with old friends

My best friend is coming into town for my 30th birthday. He’ll arrive tomorrow. We are former lovers, he and I. Despite the fact that he’s gay and that he was out when I met him. I’m the only woman who ever physically aroused him.

He will always be one of my favorite lovers. He exposed me to so many things that I love now. Nipple clamps. Flogging. Hot wax. Anal sex. He gave me an orgasm once by sucking on my nipples. I was sitting in his lap facing him. Straddling him. He worked each one carefully. Using his lips, his teeth, his mustache. Then he cupped my breasts in his hands, pressed them together, and took both nipples in his mouth at once. I went completely over the edge.

He’s also a total whore. He’s fucked an astronomical number of people. We’ve been laughing about which one of us will be the one to get laid this weekend. He’s the one person I know will never judge me for my wanton ways. No matter how high the number climbs. No matter how far out the fantasies go.

Its been almost a year since we saw each other last. I truly can’t wait. I’m excited to show him my new city. I’m happy he’ll be the one holding my hand when I get my new tattoo on Friday. (Nothing like some ink to ring in the big 3-0). I’m happy he’ll be the one taking new dirty pics. But I’m also looking forward to just sitting on my balcony, looking out over the city skyline and just being together. Drinking. Smoking some herb.

And cuddling in bed. Even though we don’t fuck anymore. Cause as fun as random sex can be. Sometimes I miss being held by someone who really cares. Who really knows me. Who doesn’t need me to fix anything. Who will just let me be.


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