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My new tattoo, the tramp stamp

A little birthday HNT. Technically none of this involves a Thursday. My bday was Saturday and I got the tat the Friday before, but whatever. It still counts.

My birthday present to myself. The tramp stamp. Something I designed. Represents lots of things that are very much me. A love of music, the water, my favorite flower, balance, bisexuality, gemini. Also the closest I’ll get to inking on someone’s name. I’d have to explain that part for anyone else to get it, but it is as clear as day to the two of us who know.


2 thoughts on “My new tattoo, the tramp stamp

  1. Andrea,
    You paint with words. Great visuals and took me back to my times of sprouting young flowers, I read your loss of virginity story. Want to see your curvaceous body. These teaser images are torture, where would one be able to see it? Happy belated birthday, I’m also a July baby. Will be checking in to read about your adventures.
    – AZ Fan


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