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Moving on with my bisexual exe

I just broke things off with my on again off again girlfriend. We’d been mostly off for a while. We had one final date. It cemented what I’d been feeling. She was beautiful. A little more sheltered than I generally care for, but open to exploration. We just ran out of things to talk about.

On our first date we went to a strip club. Spent a ridiculous amount of money on lap dances. On another date we went to a sex club. Watched some others engaged in flogging. Kissed passionately on a mattress in a dark room while she was eaten by her husband. She wanted me to flog her. To break in my new flogger on her back and her thighs and her ass. Maybe even her cunt.

I’ll miss her kisses. She was a wonderful kisser. Soft lips. Softness is one of the things I love about women. Men are all rough edges and scratchy bits. Which is also fantastic. But I love the softness of a woman. Burying my face in a woman’s hair and inhaling the scent. Feeling her curves mold into mine.

In the bedroom, I tend to be much more dominant with men. More submissive with women. Content for them to take the lead. She would have been the first woman for me to tie up and flog. Out of the bedroom, when I’m with a woman I fall into the role of the one who opens doors. The one who does the holding. Sort of a reversal of my preferred role in bed with a woman.

It was obviously time for it to end, but I’m still a little disappointed. If only because men are easy for me to find. Women are trickier. She had potential. Ah well. There will be another woman in my bed someday.


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