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Alone in the hot tub

I sat on the edge of the tub. The black leather shower curtain pushed to one side. Shoulders heavy with the weight of my day. Leaned over and turned the faucet to hot. Pushed down the stopper and watched the water begin to fill the tub. I reached for a bottle. Opened the cap and poured in a mixture of ginger and vanilla and milk. Closing my eyes and inhaling the delicious scent.

Still seated I reached down and slipped the deep brown high heels from my feet. Wriggling my toes contentedly in the shag of the bathroom rug. Standing I pulled my green dress over my head. Letting it fall to the floor in a puddle. One hand pulling a comb and releasing my hair from its demure twist. I slid my panties down my hips and carefully stepped out of them. Unclasped my bra and let my breasts hang free.

Cautiously, inch by inch, I lowered myself into the tub. Hot water embracing me. I settled in. Leaning against the side of the tub. Reaching out with a toe to switch off the water when I was submerged. I let the silence take over. Marred only by the occasional drip.

I let my mind wander. Visions of faceless lovers began to creep into my head. Memories of past encounters. A cock entering me from behind. Urgent coupling, desperate to forge a connection. Her head on my shoulder as we drove. A chaste first kiss. Her lips so soft. A hard body molded into mine. Hands gripping my hips and pulling me into him. The smell of her hair when we danced.

As my mind wandered my hands began to follow suit. Fingertips grazing my collarbone. A hand trailing in between my breasts. Cupping them. Holding them firmly in my grasp and massaging.

My nipples began to harden under my palms. Taking them between thumbs and forefingers I pinched and tweaked. Feeling each tug in my pussy. Lavishing attention on my breasts until my nipples were swollen and aching.

Leaving one hand at my breasts the other traveled lower. Skimming across my stomach. I hung one leg over the side of the tub.  A small puddle forming where the water dripped off my big toe. My hand on my pussy.

Exploring the folds. Running a finger in between my lips. Parting them. My fingers formed a V. One finger on either side of my clit. Rubbing and teasing. Circling. Gradually increasing pressure.

Body flushed from arousal and the heat of the water. Eyes closed. Completely relaxed. Completely aroused. I began to feel the orgasm start to build. A whimper escaped my lips.

Nipple pinched between my fingers. Clit engorged. My body began to tense. Still working my clit I reached the point of no return. Where I couldn’t control it any longer. I gave in. Crying out as  I came.  The cry echoing against the tile. The bucking of my hips causing waves that sent water spilling over the edge of the tub.

I stayed in the bath until the water cooled to lukewarm. Drained the tub. Towled dry. Padded in to the bedroom. Naked and damp. Slipped between soft sheets and drifted off to sleep. Erotic visions still floating through my mind. Ensuring a night full of dirty dreams.


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