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A date with my girlfriend, her hubby, and her other girlfriend

My schedule this week is nuts, both personally and professionally. I’ve got lots I want to write about, just very little time to do it. So, please enjoy an entry written in March for one of my other blogs. I’ve been thinking a lot about this night lately. You’ll see why.


Yes, you read the title correctly. 2nd date last night with the GF. We went into SF for dinner and then to a club to see the Wet Spots.

We met at a restaurant picked out by another friend that cancelled on us at the last minute. I got there first. My truck made quite an impression with the valet boys, it always does. Checked in to hold our table and then made my way to the bar where I ordered a vodka and cranberry. I looked good. Green dress, short, hugged the curves without being trashy. Killer heels, hair done. I got hit on 3 times while I was waiting. I need to get into the city more often.

The food was fantastic, its just one of those places where you have to order 4 things to get a decent meal and then you’re $75 in the hole. I had grilled baby octopus with saffron potatoes. Also a gala apple and rasin crisp with almond ice cream. Conversation flowed pretty well during dinner between all four of us. Then we set out for the club.

We had tickets to the 9oclock show. The club was directly across the street from the restaurant. A sex club.If you didn’t know where you were going you’d never find it. None of us remembered to bring the address, so we called everyone we knew to get someone to google it. My mom was the one who bailed us out. Found the door, got buzzed in, and headed upstairs. And this is where it got a little weird.

The performance was in a little room. Everyone packed in and sat on the floor on pillows. Very cozy. The performance was fantastic. It’s fairly raunchy stuff. GF and I were completely in our element. Hubby seemed ok. Other GF did not. After the first set, we retreated to one of the back rooms and lounged on a mattress together.

There were several other people in the room. A couple came in. They’d obviously played together before. She stripped, climbed onto a rack and he proceeded to flog her. It was lovely to watch. He had a wonderful way of varying the force behind his smacks. He would check to make sure she was ok. Her toes would curl whenever he struck her particularly hard. He’d let her know when he was switching from the flogger to the paddle. The site of her bent over with a flogger laid across her back while he paddled her was intense.

GF leaned over to me and told me that she wanted to do things with me and asked if I was willing. I told her I was. She said that she was concerned about Other GF. That she didn’t want to hurt her feelings but that she also didn’t want her to get hurt down the road by thinking that she was the only one. It was clear that Other GF was not comfortable where we were. I had a talk with GF about it. How the dynamic was completely different with other people on the date with us. I told her that I wanted to be with her, but that I would respect boundaries and that I didn’t want to upset anything that was already working. Ah the complexities of the poly life.

After the flogging we were all fairly turned on. GF was holding hands with Other GF and I both. Hubby had his head in her lap. She asked me to kiss her. I did. I love kissing her. Then hubby started to go down on her. I watched contentedly while holding her hand. Lightly kissing her shoulder, my other hand caressing her thigh. Wishing I was doing more but I could tell that the vibe was not right.

So there will be more dates. Cause I’m still into her and it is mutual. I could be into hubby too if that were ever offered, alone or shared. I’m content to let it go with the flow. In the mean time I got a great contact for getting custom made bdsm accoutrement. That will come in handy. And I found a lovely sex club that I would definitely go back to. I intend to actually. Perhaps even with GF.


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