Fetish · Thoughts about sex

Do you deserve a feisty woman?

I was feisty today. I’m not really sure why. I have my suspicions but they’re not worth discussing here.

The thing I like about D/s play is that you don’t have to have all the trappings. You don’t need floggers and handcuffs and restraints. You don’t need to be called mistress or master. It’s a head trip. You can dom someone from across the room. Without ever touching them.

Most of the time that’s how I like to play. I like keeping it on the edge. When its easy to see that either person could just stop. Could just walk away. But you don’t. Because the power roles are established.

But when I’m feisty, I get aggressive.. I want the trappings. The leather and the toys. To be called mistress.

I want to be on top. In control. I want to tie someone up and smother them with my cunt. Forcing them to lick me. I want to get off a lot.

I want to bring that person to the edge. With mouth and hands. I want to make someone beg me to let them cum. And then I want to feed their cum to them.

I want to smell sweat on leather. I want to hear the crack of a flogger or a paddle. I want to hear moans muffled by a gag.

I want to push boundaries.

Do you know where yours are?


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