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Daddy swap

Sometime last year I met a guy in a chat room. We had some conversations all out in the main room. He was a little weird but I passed him off as more lonely than anything. Then one day he and I had cyber sex. Something I used to do a lot of. It was ok. Nothing great. Afterwards as I was saying the polite, mmmm baby that was fun sorts of statements, he told me that the reason we’d been so good was because of the love we shared.

The love we shared. Really? After one private chat that consisted primarily of “baby, fuck me harder” we shared love? So I wrote him off as a freak. And proceeded to ignore him. Then one day he asked if I was mad at him because I never spoke to him any more. After which he spun a story about how he was in a really bad place, had lost his job, was about to lose his home. That sometimes the stress of everything caused him to say things most people would consider a little weird.

So, me being me, I felt bad for the guy and we struck up a friendship. A distant one. I only cybered with him one other time. In my defense that happened when a favorite cyber partner invited me for a threesome and crazy guy was the other party. At any rate, for whatever reason the guy connected with me and needed someone to talk to while he was getting his shit together.

Then I moved across the country. Driving. As I would be passing right through his town, he asked if I would meet him for lunch. Something deep in my gut said not to be alone with this guy. But I figured, what the hell, a girl has to eat lunch. I agreed to meet him at a McDonald’s right off the freeway.

Now I never had any intention of doing anything other than having a big mac. No matter what he looked like. He was creepy. So he waltzes up to my truck and says hi. An old biker type in his 60s. I like older men, but this is way outside my range. I’ll go up to 20 years older, but only for one person. Otherwise I have a 15 year max. So we had lunch. The whole time he’s asking me what my real name is. I kept telling him that the chat name I use is an actual nickname, which is true. No way was I telling dude my real name. We sat on the grass outside and talked long enough for me to feel like I’d done my good deed and then I was off.  Him all excited about how I would be close enough he could ride his bike over to see me for visits.

Long story short. That move didn’t work out and I relocated to where I am now. He and I still email occasionally. Then. Out of the blue the other day he tells me that he wished we had fucked that day we met. Then last week he emails me a link. To a porn site.

Wow. Like I said, I like an older man but I do not have a daddy complex. I just get bored with people my own age. I prefer someone who has been around a little bit. I haven’t responded to his email. I think I’ve learned a lesson about feeding a stray.


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