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My toy box for sexy fun

Time for some show and tell. This is the drawer of my nightstand. Fully stocked. Toys. Lube. Condoms. Dental dams. (Fuck around but do it safe.)  Porn. Batteries. Cleansing wipes. Always at the ready for an overnight guest or an early morning phone call. Or whenever the mood strikes me. And for the record there is more porn. Magazines are stacked in the bathroom. More DVDs in the living room.


And now it’s time for a breakdown.

These are the nipple toys. The vibrating clamps are my faves. I can take them tightened all the way. I love love love these. I have also used them on my clit a few times. The little nubby finger sleeve is sometimes used to stroke my nipple while it is clamped. My nipples are pretty sensitive anyway so the extra stimulation can send me over the edge pretty quickly. The clothespins I’m still working up to. I think the lack of vibration makes them harder to handle. And since they don’t adjust, you have to be fairly prepped before you go clipping them on. For now I use them in very short bursts. Like lots of little bites.


Here we have the vibrator/dildo selection. The little red bullet has four speeds. Good for clitoral stimulation and discreet insertion. This little baby gets the most action. Next to it is my travel companion. Super quiet and fits easily in my purse or in a pocket. The little black one was my first. My ex-hubby bought it for me. Notice how small it is.  I like it for clitoral stimulation. Also I can take it in my ass without lube. It’s a nice warm up for other bigger things in my ass. Next to it is the big dildo. 8 inches and thick. Nuff said. Lastly is the g-spot vibrator. Variable speed and waterproof. I groove on the curve and the ridges. It looks like its bigger than the dildo because of the motor attached to the base but really its not. The dildo is longer and thicker.


In lieu of the traditional strap on with harness, I have a feeldoe ( online at ). I like it because it provides more skin on skin action. Easy to grip with my thighs. You can find harness variety strap ons that have an attachment for clit stimulation, but I like that with the feeldoe I get full insertion on my end as well. It has a spot in the back where you can insert a bullet and the vibration can be felt from tip to tip. This is a toy designed by lesbians for lesbians. The irony for me is that I’ve only ever used it to fuck a guy.


Butt plugs. The white one also vibrates. This one I can take without lube. It’s my preferred plug. The black one is still a challenge for me. The base is wider than it looks. I can get it in with some work but it doesn’t like to stay. The red one I’m still working up to. It inflates and it has variable vibration. (I’m a girl that likes vibration can you tell?) It’s fairly thick. So far it and the big 8 inch dildo are the only things that haven’t been fully up my ass. All the other vibes, including the feeldoe have been up there.


This is the red one fully inflated. For those of you squirming, know that there is a quick deflate button on the remote. But OMG can you imagine the gape that would result from that? Hot.


And finally the BDSM toys. Collar. Handcuffs. The flogger on the left can be fun but I use it more for teasing than for anything requiring force. The one on the left however. Braided handle. Leather strips that are deceptively soft when trailed against skin but can really sting when they hit. It’s definitely my favorite of the two. I don’t have restraints or blindfolds. I’d like to get some. To keep them dedicated for that purpose. For now I’m more likely to use a scarf or a belt.



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