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I love guys who love my used panties

Panties. I know plenty of guys that like to stroke off into a pair of women’s panties. Hell I know plenty of guys that like to wear women’s panties. There something about the silky softness that feels good against a hard cock. Or so I’m told. Makes sense. I love having lace and silk up next to my naughty bits.

I’ve been asked more than once for a pair of my panties. The requests have ranged from erotic to creepy. Erotic is the lover that wants them as a souvenir of an evening. Or a way to connect when we’re separated by distance. Creepy is that guy that just waltzed up to me in a chat room and barely paused to introduce himself before asking for them.

Somewhere in the middle of those two extremes lie most of the requests I’ve received. From men I know casually. Well enough to have had phone sex or cyber sex, but not someone I know well.

I’ve never given them up before. Till now.

I had a request. That involved stuffing them inside of me and then lots of play while they were inside. And by request I kept them up there for a good 24 hours. So they’d get nice and wet. That part was all fun. I bitched and moaned a little because I felt dry as a desert.  They were soaking up all the wetness. But he knew it was all surface bitching.

I’d asked him what he would do with them when he received them. He said he’d sniff them and wonder what I tasted like. That he’d stroke off into them. Blow a nice load of cum on them. Then mail them back to me with a reward. I told him I wanted pictures of him doing all this. Partly because I truly think they’ll be hot. Partly because I felt like it evened the playing field a little.

I sat in the parking lot of the post office. Trying to discreetly extract them so that they could be express mailed. Half of me charged up. Amped. Aroused. Half of me feeling antsy. What if they went “off” in the mail? What if they just didn’t meet approval? Some things are better in fantasy land than in reality. All of me shaking my head. This could not be my life. This is the stuff I read about in the blogs of others. Not something I do.

All my fears and worry were laid to rest this morning. When the first IM popped up.

“Fuck me your panties smell delicious.”

And in an instant I was wet and grinning.  And ready to do it all over again.

“Oh I’ll have fun with those baby. They were still damp. We’ll definitely do this again.”


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