We hooked up at a boxing match

He was good. Tall, shaved head, super dark skin. Rock hard abs. I met him at a party hosted by a friend of mine. We’d gotten a boxing match on pay-per-view.

This boy. He started flirting with me pretty much as soon as I arrived. Sitting next to each other on the couch at first. As the fight card progressed and the room got crowded, he shifted to the floor in front of me. We exchanged numbers. I left the party. He called me before I’d even made it home. I went back and picked him up. We stopped in the hood and made a purchase. We proceeded to my apartment and smoked some lovely herb. Then we had sex. Finally breaking in my apartment.

He’s a kisser. I love kissing. He went down on me. Face buried in me till my toes were curling with orgasm. Later he indulged in the cream pie uninvited. He would eat me and then lick his way slowly back up my body before kissing me again. Which on one level was sweet and considerate because some chicks don’t like to be kissed after oral. On another level it was disappointing, because I am not one of those chicks.

You know how sometimes, even two people that are well experienced need a session or two to find a rhythm together? Not so with this one. We clicked right off. So many positions. So many orgasms.

The first time he fucked me I was on my back. My legs wrapped around his waist. My arms gripping tightly to his biceps. Watching him as he held himself over me. Pounding into me from above. He took my legs and placed my them over his shoulders. Fucking me hard and fast. His body tensed and he called my name over and over as he shot his load into me. He collapsed onto me and I held him. His head resting on my breasts.

When his breathing returned to normal he ate me again. Then we spooned. My ass nestled against his groin. His hands cupping my breasts. I felt him grow hard. I shifted so that his cock slipped between my legs. Rubbing my wet pussy on him. He slipped inside me and we started fucking again Side by side. He was tweaking my nipples. I reached down and rubbed my clit. His voice was in my ear telling me how much he loved my pussy. How much he loved that I was still so wet for him.

Then he rolled me over. In a smooth motion. His cock never leaving me. On my knees he began fucking me in earnest. His balls slapping against me. Hands gripping my hips firmly as he pulled me into him. His cock hitting my g spot. I was screaming his name and cumming. Over and over. When my cries had subsided he finally let his own orgasm go. Taking a few erratic thrusts as he spasmed. Again he savored the taste of my freshly fucked pussy.

This time he collapsed onto his back. I laid next to him and idly stroked his chest. I think we both dozed off for a minute. Kissing his nipples. Running my hand across his hips. My fingers finding his cock. He didn’t know if he could get hard again. I had a feeling he wasn’t done. I knew for sure I wasn’t. I took his cock into my mouth gently and began to suck. Till he was half hard. I stroked him, using my spit for lube, and pulled his balls away from his body. Licking and blowing on them. Grinning as I heard him gasp and felt his cock harden in my hand. Running my tongue from the base of his balls to his ass. Delighting in rimming him.

My last orgasm came with him on his back. My oral skills had gotten him hard enough for me to ride him, but he was far from cumming himself. He protested at first, he was tired from all the fucking. I silenced him with a kiss. I lowered myself on top of him. He laid there, hands on my hips, watching me thrust until I came. I slipped off of him and sucked him clean. Pleased. Like the cat that ate the canary. Right before he left he mounted me once last time, thrusting into me quickly. The soles of my feet resting on the backs of his calves. His body rigid as he came.

His goodbye kiss? Wasn’t on my mouth.


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