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The best cum ever

He has the best cum I’ve ever tasted. Hands down. Really when I think about it, and I don’t have to think that long, our first is my favorite bj ever.

We met online. A chat quickly progressed to phone sex. The post phone sex conversation turned into a 4 hour extravaganza. There were lots of chats and emails and phone conversations before we ever met in person. Which made it a little more stressful actually. We’d both met and fucked people off the internet before, but we had more to lose this time.

I was in his town visiting a friend and former roommate and we arranged to have lunch. After lunch he took me on a driving tour of the town. Telling the stories that only a native can tell. Then we made our way to his place of employment. He is a singer/songwriter but also a teacher at a private Catholic school. The school has an auditorium with a piano where he’s recorded some of my favorite songs of his. It’s the place where he loves to play. He wanted to show it to me.

I’m such a sucker for a musician. Not like he was gonna have to work hard for me anyway, but once he’d played me a song on that piano, I was sold.

He kissed me while sitting at the piano. Then he pulled me onto the stage. We retreated into the wings. Away from the scope of the school’s security camera. He kept kissing me as he reached for the button on his jeans. It was my fingers that found the zipper. Pulling his jeans down to his thighs and freeing his cock from his boxers, I knelt on the ground in front of him.

My hands gripped his hips and pulled him towards me. My mouth open and eager to take his cock. I’ll never forget how he gasped as soon as his cock entered my mouth. How he placed a palm flat against the wall to brace himself. Letting his eyes close and his head drop. I love that. Knowing the person has given over to what I’m doing. Talk about a power trip.

He has a glorious cock. Cut. Thick without being massive. Length proportional to the thickness. The perfect size for me to deep throat. I was content on my knees in front of him. I would have happily sucked him all day long.

After a few minutes we moved farther into the wings. He found a chair. His jeans and his boxers fell to the floor. He perched on the edge of the chair, his legs spread wide. I pulled his cheeks wider and began rimming him. More groans of pleasure escaping his lips. The advantage to having phone sex with someone for months before meeting in person, is that when you do meet, you already know exactly what they like.

I alternated between rimming him and sucking his balls. He gripped his cock and began to stroke. His knuckles brushing against my cheek and forehead. Till I took him in my mouth once again. His fingers tangled in my hair. His hips were thrusting slightly. Forcing his cock deeper into my throat.

I could hear his breaths getting raspier with each thrust. Till he was about to cum. I felt him starting to cum and pulled my mouth from him so that he could shoot his load onto my face. Something I knew he loved. His cum was warm on my skin. I shifted so that I would be in the light so he could see me that way. Covered in his cum. I cleaned him carefully before scooping his cum from my face and sucking it from my fingers.

He was sweet and creamy. Unlike anyone I’ve ever tasted. Before or since. He’s sort of a health nut. Very careful about what he eats. No carbs or sugars. Very little alcohol and red meat. It makes a difference. In a big way. I could not get enough of his taste. I like cum. I like to play with cum. But it is sort of an acquired taste. Not so with him. His is like a fabulous dessert. A treat. I wanted to roll his cum around on my tongue and relish the flavor.

He still turns red in the face when I tell him how much I love his cum. I think part of him doesn’t quite believe me when I tell him his is the best I’ve ever tasted. But it is. No question.


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