I love being nude

I enjoy being naked or nearly naked. I come home start stripping as soon as the door is closed. If I’ve come home from work I’ll slip into a chemise or a pair of silk pajama bottoms and a tank top. If I’ve come in from the gym, I’ll shower and slip into just my favorite red robe.

I generally sleep naked. I like being naked under the sheets. I have sheets with a high thread count for that purpose. So on the weekends, if I know I’m not planning on leaving the apartment, I’ll just roll out of bed naked and carry on about my day. Sometimes throwing on the aforementioned pjs, but usually just the robe, and often just going about bare.

I live on the top floor of my building and my building is on a hill. With the blinds open at just the right angle you’d have to be actively trying to see in to see. I’ve checked. At any rate, there’s a bit of an exhibitionist in me. Also, it cuts down on laundry.

So last weekend I was doing my thing, nude, and was fixing dinner. I’m a cook. A serious cook. I have the tiniest kitchen on the planet. So I was pulling a hot pan out of the oven and was holding it while performing the elaborate dance of making sure the cabinets under the kitchen sink were closed just right so that the handle of the oven door didn’t get hung up on the knobs and in doing so, I burned myself in a rather delicate area.

At the time, I didn’t think it was so bad. Ah, how I was wrong. The next day I realized fully what I’d done. I have a burn mark the size of a quarter next to my right nipple. I’ve been keeping it clean. Antibiotic ointment. All that.

What sucks is the bandages. Because it needs to be bandaged or else it gets dirty. So because of placement, the adhesive part of the bandage goes right across the nipple. Which is fine going on. But holy hell it hurts when it comes off.

Now I’m a girl that likes rough nipple play. But I like to have other stimulation while that’s happening as well. And a little buildup. Perhaps I should incorporate the changing of the bandage into my daily masturbation. Two birds, one stone.

At any rate, I have learned my lesson about nudity  in the kitchen. I’ll be dressing before cooking in the future.


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