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Anal sex in the morning

I had a headache. I’d woken up with it. Over the counter meds have never done much for me when I have a headache. My never fail method of dealing is herbal. But on this day, that was not an option. So I padded across the house, to his bed, and slipped between the sheets, nestling myself next to his warm body. He stirred a turned towards me.

“I have a horrible headache,” I mumbled.

He gently took my hand in his and pinched the skin between my thumb and forefinger. Expertly applying pressure to relieve the tension in my head. I could feel it working right away. After a few minutes he began to massage my temples. Then my forehead. After a while his hands were running through my hair tending to every inch of my scalp. My breathing had slowed. The occasional moan of pleasure escaped my lips.

His hands began to travel lower. To my neck and shoulders. I rolled onto my stomach so that he could have better access. Slowly and patiently he massaged my body. Back, arms, legs, feet. Until I was practically purring. Then he settled in next to me. Spooning me. His hand tracing lightly up and down the length of my arm.

His hand brushed my breast and I felt my nipple harden in response. He felt it as well. His attention turned to my breasts. Teasing my nipples until they were both hard. Rolling them between his fingers. I felt my hips beginning to writhe in pleasure. Almost against my will.

As I slowly ground against his cock, now hardening against my ass, he began to pinch harder. Pulling on my nipples. Kissing and nibbling on my neck. Gradually increasing the intensity of his assault until my nipples felt like they were on fire. My breathing was heavy. I was moaning louder.

His hands left my tender breasts and sought new ground. Nimble fingers exploring the folds of my pussy. Finding my engorged clit and stroking it. He brought me to the brink of orgasm time and time again. Each time I neared the edge, he would back off, extending my pleasure.

I reached behind me and slipped my fingers in the waistband of his boxers. Pushing them down, wanting his cock to be free.  Once he was naked I could feel the hot hardness of his cock against me. I pushed my ass towards him, wanting him inside of me. Still side by side, I could feel the head of his cock press against my ass before slowly slipping in. We used no lube but he had me so relaxed we didn’t need it. I took his entire cock in one long stroke.

He reached around and slipped two fingers inside of my pussy as he began to thrust into my ass. My hands were braced against the mattress. He whispered into my ear that he could feel his cock with the fingers that were inside my pussy. He fucked and stroked me in tandem. Every time his cock would slide out of my ass, fingers would slide into my soaking wet pussy. Over and over and over.

I started cumming and couldn’t stop. My orgasms had been building up and when they came they were incredibly intense. He never stopped fucking me. He would fuck me right through the orgasm. When his own orgasm came, his fingers were stuffed inside of me. He buried his cock deep in my ass. I could feel the spasms as he filled me with cum.

When his orgasm subsided he carefully slipped out of me. Hot sticky cum dripped out of my ass and mixed with the cum that coated the insides of my thighs.  I whimpered as I felt the void when he withdrew.  We laid there in a puddle of a cum for a few minutes. Neither of us speaking.

“How’s your headache baby?”

“It’s gone. Thank you. But I think I may be late for work.”


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