Give and take

I had a session with my beloved last night. Its been a while since we’d had a chance to be together. When we have droughts its always a sure bet that the first time we see each other it will be very raw.

I’d told him earlier in the day that I’d been having a new fantasy about him. Something just a little rougher than we’d done before. He sat quietly while I told him. How I’d been having visions of him. Above me. His fingers circling my throat. His thumbs pressed against the soft hollow. Not gripping so tightly as to cut off breath, but tight enough to keep me in place. I told him how I’d let someone do this to me. Only in phone sex. I told him how I wanted to see him do it. Because he is my dom. He is the one that owns this part of me.

He’s not a tall guy. He’s my height exactly. But he lifts weights. He’s got a body like a tank. Big, well defined muscles. He really could hold me down quite easily. I trust him to never hurt me. But I also know that I can’t stop him from taking what he wants. And that excites me. I open up my body to him and let him take and take. Pleasing him pleases me.

So often when he fucks me I’m on my knees. Facing away from him. My ass high in the air. He loves that view of me. Where he can look down at his symbol inked across my back. So he can spank me as he fucks me. So he can grab a handful of my hair and pull my head back as he thrusts into me. I love it too. I can rock back against him as we fuck. The penetration is deeper. It just feels dirtier. But in this fantasy, where he’s holding me down by the throat, I like that I can see him above me. I like that we’re watching each other.

After I’d finished laying out my little fantasy for him he grabbed me by the wrists. Pulled my arms over my head. Straddled my face and ordered me to suck on his balls and ass. He was thrusting against my face. My lips and tongue desperately trying to take in whatever I could reach. His cock rubbing against my nose and my cheeks. Calling me names. Whore. Bitch. Slut.

He slid backwards. Putting his cock between my tits and fucking them. I was straining forward. Each time the tip of his cock came close enough for me to reach, my tongue was there. Flicking the head. Red lips brushing against the tip of him.

He let go of my wrists and told me to stuff my fingers into my cunt. To fuck myself. He turned and settled into place with his balls right above my lips and I greedily sucked them in. Four fingers thrusting in and out of my sopping cunt.

His hand smacking across my breasts. Leaving red marks across my nipples. Then he reached down and took both nipples in his fingers. Twisting hard. Smirking as he watched me writhe underneath him. Knowing I was loving it. That I’d missed this.

I was already worked up before he ever touched me. From telling him my fantasy. His touch is like a spark. I was so close to cumming. He could sense it. He told me to finger myself harder. To make it burn. To be a good girl and please him. To show him what an owned little slut I am.

It was too much. The sound of his voice. Feeling his weight still on top of me. I couldn’t hold out. He told me to cum. Not to hold back. To let it go. Mouth still stuffed with his balls, I was unable to cry out. He stayed on top of me. Watching me ride out the orgasm.

Then he climbed off and told me to suck the cum off of my fingers. All four at once. My eyes locked onto his as I slipped my fingers into my mouth. Tongue running between them. Savoring the taste.

He commented on how fast I had cum. I couldn’t help it. I’d been so ready for him. I’d been aching for him. He told me I’d get his cum soon enough.


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