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Vacation Sex Gone Awry

I was really hoping for some vacation sex when I went home for the holidays. Because vacation sex is always fun. And my strongest prospect was someone that likes to meet at a hotel. And hotel sex is always fun.

This boy, had been waiting all year for me to come home for Christmas. He’s a good fuck. Someone I met on craigslist. Not someone I would ever date, however. He’s cute and has a great job and NFL season tickets. But he lacks certain social graces. He’s sort of a male bimbo in that he’s pretty but a little clueless.
My chief complaint with him is that he has a tendency to text or IM and ask if we can meet right then. Like, please drop everything I’m ready to have sex now. Which wouldn’t be as big of an issue if we lived in the same town year round. But he lives in the same town as my folks and when I’m in their house I try to cut down on the going out in the middle of the night to have sex things. Even if we lived in the same town that attitude would be an issue, but since my schedule would be my own, there would be more flexibility to work with.

But he’s a good fuck. With a very suckable dick. And he’d be up for things like pictures and video.

So he knew I was coming and was very clear that he wanted to see me. Many times. I was pretty clear with him that while I wanted to see him when I was home, that time with my family and friends came first. This did not deter Mr. Eager. As soon as my plane landed and I turned on my cell, there was already a text waiting. He wanted to know if I could meet that afternoon. When I told him my plane had just arrived, he asked if he could come to the airport and pick me up.

Throughout the first half of my trip he kept sending texts, asking to see me. But my schedule was packed with family things. I happen to truly enjoy spending time with my family. And I’d had a random make-out session or two at my favorite dance club. Once with a girl, once with a boy. So he was on the back burner.

Finally the time came when I had big pockets of free time. I sent him a text asking if he was free that night or the next day. He responded that the next day would be best for him. Fine by me. The next day was my last day in town. I figured a nice hard fuck would be an excellent end to an already fabulous trip home.

The next day I sent him a text. No response. No response the entire day. So I figured, fine then. No reason for me to be upset. He was someone I met on craigslist more than a year ago and had only expected to fuck once anyway. On New Years Day, a full day after I arrived home, he finally popped up in an IM window. Wanting to know if I was still in town. He said he’d lost his phone and hadn’t got my last text.

Now. I forward all my messengers to my cell when I’m not actually online. Because I’m geeky that way and because I have friends, real and online only, that are in all kinds of time zones. I like to be reachable. If a message comes in at an inopportune moment, I just ignore it. So. If this boy reeeaaally wanted to get with me, he could have reached me. Even without his phone. Because evidently his computer was fine.

So because I did not make it a priority and because he truly is clueless, there was no vacation sex. There was some phone sex once, with my beloved. There was lots of masturbation with my mini vibe. Because I’m a girl that travels with toys. Oh well. Mr. Eager has already asked when my next trip home will be. And if he’s true to form, he’ll pop up in a month or two and offer to fly me out for a weekend of frolicking in a hotel. But I won’t hold my breath.


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