Thoughts about sex

Miss me?

Have ya missed me? I know I’ve been absent. The last few days have been a whirlwind. Stuff I have only ever read about. Unfortunately (for you) none of it is bloggable. I’ve made a promise to respect someone’s privacy. And if I’m anything, I’m a girl that keeps her word.

So even though this week is short it will be nuts for me. Tons to do at work and a singing engagement on Friday which means rehearsals every night this week. There will be an HNT on Thursday. I’ve been on a photography spree and have them prepped and stored away to carry me through the next 3 months.

My beloved’s birthday is this weekend. I’ve been plotting a little surprise for him. A very special set of photos. It started because I wanted to get a decent portrait of me in my collar. It morphed into fun with a cupcake and candle and frosting and hot wax. I may let y’all in on one or two of those shots, but since most of them have my face, most of them are private.


Hopefully this time next week, I’ll be back to my regular naughty blogging ways.


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