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Sex with my girlfriend

Morning always comes too soon for me. This morning was no exception. But this morning there was incentive to be awake at an early hour.

I was still snuggled under a down comforter. Cocooned. I became aware of long fingernails tracing patterns on my skin. It took me a few moments to process the feeling. To recognize it for what it was. I let one eyelid raise and saw the evidence of the past night on the floor of my bedroom. Jeans, shoes, two pairs of panties, a flogger. My eyelid dropped and I sighed as I settled back into her.

I felt her soft breasts and hard nipples against my back. Her hair falling over my shoulder as she began kissing my bare skin. Her fingers still tracing patterns on my legs and stomach. Working their way up to my breasts. She took my nipples into her deft hands. Playing them expertly. Till they puckered and stood erect.

I reached behind me and dipped a finger into the folds of her pussy. Pleased at the moisture I found. I heard the smallest of moans escape her lips as my finger parted her. I ran my finger up and down her lips. Parting them. Exploring. Coaxing more and more wetness from her. Then I brought my finger to my lips and softly sucked her juices. She has an exquisite taste.

I placed my hand on hers, still at my breast. Indicating to her that she should continue her ministrations. Then my fingers found my own pussy. Wet with arousal. I began stroking my clit. Knowing that my first orgasm of the day always comes to me quickly. When I am with her, my orgasm always comes first. Mine is the one that matters. When I came, she took my nipples firmly in her fingers. Pinching. Her lips pressed against my neck.  Kissing me through the orgasm.

As it subsided I rolled away from her. She shifted in the bed in order to lie flat on her back. I knelt over her face lowering my dripping pussy to her lips. Her hands reached for my hips and she pulled me to her. Greedy to taste my cum. In turn I lowered my face to her pussy. Intent on bringing her the release she desired.

I paused with my face between her soft thighs. Breathing in her scent. Letting her feel the warmth of my breath against her wetness. I took long licks up and down each side of her pussy. Patient. Carefully avoiding the spot I know she most wanted to feel my tongue. I slipped two fingers inside of her. Slowly stroking in and out as I continued licking her. My own pussy buzzing as she moaned against it.

I sat up suddenly. Watching her flinch as the cool air in the room touched her where my mouth had just been. I removed myself from my position on top of her. Perching at the end of the bed, legs spread. I pointed to the floor between my feet and she scrambled into place. I took a handful of her hair in my hand and pulled her ear close to my lips. Telling her exactly what she should do.

Lying back I felt her mouth descend on my pussy once more. She ran her tongue from my clit all the way to my ass. Where she stayed. Wetting me with her spit before sliding her fingers inside of me. Plunging her fingers in and out of my ass while she ate my pussy. My juices covering her chin and cheeks. My hips writhing in pleasure until I felt my second orgasm. My hands found the back of her head and I held her in place as I bucked against her mouth and fingers. Covering her with my cum.  She sat on the floor between my feet, watching me. Then I nodded.

She crawled onto the bed. This time she was on top. Her pussy lowered onto my face. Her mouth cleaning my pussy and ass. I massaged the backs of her thighs while I ate her. It was my turn to be greedy. I sucked her clit into my mouth. Nibbling it gently with my teeth. Feeling her breasts against my stomach. Lapping at the juice that was flowing.  Plunging my tongue in and out of her. Till she came. The sweetness of her cum dripping into my mouth and down my throat.

She shifted to one side and collapsed on the bed next to me. Breathing heavily. Sated. I propped myself on one arm and just watched her. This beautiful creature who likes to share my bed. Who enjoys being dominated by me.


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