Who am I

This is where I explore my sexuality. My encounters. Online and in person. My fantasies. The kink and the vanilla.

I love sex and I’m not ashamed of it. I love porn. I’m attracted to men and to women but I tend to prefer men. I get off on m/m action. I enjoy cyber and phone sex. I love a good thorough fuck.

I have very few sexual boundaries. My sexual tastes are incredibly varied. It all tend to be situational pending partner and mood. Some of my fetishes will never be written about on this blog. I’m generally more dominant but I enjoy a partner with whom I can meet in bed as an equal. A select few see my true submissive side. The first time I saw a guy on his knees in front of me, waiting for my strap-on, I was sold.

I have a primary partner but he and I do not live in the same city. We fly back and forth as our schedules and wallets permit. We swing together when we’re in the same place and we play on our own when we’re apart. He is a regular reader of this blog. He supports this outlet of mine completely. I will know this man forever.

I have two other regular partners who have been in my life for several years. One lives 6 hours away. We see each other occasionally but have regular phone sex, once a week or more. The other lives several states away. We have never met face to face. Our relationship exists solely within the confines of chat rooms, messenger, email, and occasional phone calls. One of my tattoos is symbolic, in part, of his place in my life.

There are random encounters outside of all three of those relationships.

Each of my lovers knows they are not the only one. I don’t keep that a secret. But the details of what goes on, those are private. From them anyway. The exhibitionist in me wants to spill to the rest of the world.